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We listen to the specific needs & provide support, as an "on-the-ground" partner.



"We know the challenges of doing business with China, but the opportunities overcome the challenges by ten-fold, and you'll see that in the growth of your business"

Lionel Eeman, Co-Founder


Hi! I would like to purchase Paper bags in bulk from China, could you help me to find an ideal supplier within my budget. 

Hi Anya! Thanks for reaching out to AVLM! Please can you fill out our Inquiry Form to give us more details on your request.

We'll short-list a few suppliers based on your request and help you to make an informed decision. 

At AVLM, we use a personalized approach with clients.

Our account managers collect specific details from clients in order to find the ideal supplier & product they are looking for. We make sure all important details are considered when conducting our research.


AVLM involves clients throughout the entire process, from evaluating suppliers to virtual factory visits to logistics planning. Traditionally, purchasing directly from Asia is known to be risky and "too-far-fetched", but at AVLM our aim is to make it a more client-friendly & easy process that makes purchasing more convenient.  


What our Clients are saying...

“We worked with AVLM  International for the procurement of tools for our landscape and farm operations in October 2020. They are very efficient, professional and very accommodating to our needs. The team goes the extra mile to provide specifications and images for all requests in addition to trying their best to supply our equipment needs with the most cost effective  solution.”

Nadia T.
Managing Director


Brand Growth         -         Product Expansion     -      Operation Optimization 

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