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About Us

AVLM started up in October 2019. Both Founders have been living in China for over five years and met in their Master’s Degree where they specialized in International Business and Trade. Both have spent much time researching the market, perfecting skills such as the Chinese language, and understanding how to do business in China.



Both founders have seen the challenges for big, medium and small sized companies when it comes to doing business with China. Challenges such as the language barriers, time differences, lack of understanding of the Chinese market and inability to find reliable suppliers. The founders set out to make the process of Purchasing from china more accessible and seamless, by providing support where needed.

As a Jamaican, Ashleigh saw the need for a service that offered direct access to The Caribbean, which would not only assist big companies to optimize their purchasing but also give small companies the opportunity to consider purchasing from China.

Lionel, a Belgian native, developed a deep understanding of the Chinese economy and having lived in China for over six years, honed the language and developing relationships with suppliers in China. His knack for in-depth research & analysis is fundamental to our overall brand and service.


Although AVLM is not limited to only working with clients in The Caribbean, one of the goals is to provide better access to that region.

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